About Us

Who We Are.

Our Vision:
Serving God, Loving All

Our Mission:
To foster a Christian community of disciples, where everyone can experience a meaningful connection with God by:

Worshiping God gratefully
Exploring God’s Word faithfully
Expressing God’s love actively through fellowship and service


Guiding Principles:

Inclusive: Offer diverse, creative, and age-appropriate opportunities for worship, learning, fellowship and service, allowing each of us to develop and respond to our relationship with God.

Respectful: Recognize that each person is a precious child of God, and provide a secure and comfortable environment that celebrates our commonalities and our differences.

Responsible: Listen closely to understand the needs of our community and identify ways that we can responsibly use our resources to make a positive impact.

Prayerful: Use scripture, theology, and prayer to guide our decisions about the life of our church and our community.