Clear and Charge Your Chakras

As part of our Wallace Soul Series, LuAnn Cibik will join us Sunday evening, October 16th at 6:30pm in the Wallace Chapel.

The ancient Ayuvedic practices speak of the energy centers within your body, called Chakras. These centers empower different aspects of life, through your physical health, creativity, will power, compassion, communications, intuition and connection to the Divine. IN this empower workshop, learn what each chakra does, how it’s relates to vibrations of color and sound, and how on a daily basis you can recharge and empower these storehouses. Then enjoy a Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra clearing session, using quartz crystal bowls that have been attunes to the vibration of each chakra area. With the use of a powerful guided visualization to call in your angels and guides you will leave this session feeling clear and empowered.

BIO: LuAnn Cibik is one of the few worldwide Master Educators of Interior Alignment®. She is an Advanced Soul Coaching® Practitioner, Gateway Dreaming® Coach, and Master Oracle Card Reader. Her company Inner Harmony Feng Shui School offers feng shui and space clearing certification courses, workshops and events, as well as private consultations and coaching. She has worked closely with Hay House author Denise Linn since 2003 years, and is a key administrative member of the Interior Alignment® organization and the International Institute of Soul Coaching®. LuAnn is a regular host on the Interior Alignment® Weekly radio show, offering information that helps your home or office support your life, goals and dreams.

LuAnn has taught feng shui and space clearing certification programs worldwide, and at the various leading feng shui schools in the USA. Her home and retreat center outside of Pittsburgh PA., called Inner Strength, where she also offers private training and retreat style courses. She was recently a keynote speaker and MC for the Living in Alignment feng shui and space clearing conference in California. LuAnn is a contributing author to the recent ‘Simply Color for Everyday Living’ book, and author of several other feng shui and home staging books and online courses. Her passion is helping people find the magic they want in life! You can find out more

Date(s) - Oct 16, 2016
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Chapel - Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church