**We are currently seeking a Director of Music Ministry. Please click the link below for details.**

Job Posting-Director of Music Ministry 2020


“Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.”
— Ephesians 5:19

Our music programs provide opportunities for people to express their faith, grow in their talents, and joyfully share scripture through heartfelt praise that inspires, strengthens, and encourages all.


Chancel Choir

This group of individuals share choral literature from many genres.  They will sing Psalm 23 by John Rutter one Sunday and Over My Head by John Bell the next!  The Chancel Choir shares the responsibility of music making with the Children, Choirchimes and Instrumentalists in creating a palette of diverse music making and collaboratively. The choir has a wealth of large works and sometimes invites a guest conductor.





This group of ringers play as an ensemble, as well as accompany other choirs in the church.  This fine group of ringers works to become more fluent in their ringing as well as enhance services at Unity Presbyterian Church.  This ensemble plays various combinations of solos, duets, 6 people, 2 octaves and 3 octave music. They have fun, while growing in their musicianship for the sake of bringing joy to others!


At Unity, we are blest with a wonderful palette of musicians who love playingtheir instruments.  We encourage all ages of players from kindergarten through professors from Universities.We have several professional musicians in the congregation who willingly share their gifts, as well as young people looking for venues to play. Our director, Sandy finds opportunities for everyone!We’ve heard her say “If you play 4 notes, I can make you sound great!”

Under the direction of Randy Ide,  a brass ensemble formed within the congregation and they play a few times a year for special celebrations.

Instrumentalists and pianists play solos, or accompany a choir, or participate in a small ensemble. Come, join our music team and “Let Your Light Shine!”



If one sentence were to summarize the Music Ministry at Unity Presbyterian Church, it would be a place ……..where creativity and flexibility flourish in a rich environment of diverse cultures and lovingly makes room for everyone!


Unity Presbyterian Church presents a monthly recital or concert.