Adult Education

For our children and youth, we will be a place where their world is expanding in mission, compassion, and knowledge through their relationship with Jesus Christ and through active participation and creative interactions.

For our adult members and neighbors of all ages, to ensure that our educational offerings support Unity’s belief in disciple formation and the fostering of spiritual growth, individually, as we develop our personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Adult Education Class

The Short Class

Join John Gottschall on Sunday mornings at 9:00 beginning on October 3.

This class ends in time for choir members to rehearse with the choir.

The class will be using ‘The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi book and video series.  This class is highly recommended-VERY interesting book!

Room:  Chapel

Bible Study

Join Kristen Emrick on Tuesday evenings at 6:40 beginning September 21 where the book of Matthew will be examined.  Matthew’s Gospel assumes the reader knows and understands the Torah. With this assumption, Matthew quotes the Old Testament extensively to prove Jesus is the Messiah. In this class 7-week class we will break down Matthew into its main 5 sections and delve into the how the Torah points to Christ. ​

Room: Fellowship Hall

Children & Youth Education

Join us for the Fall 2021 season!  Click HERE to visit our Sunday School Adventure Page!