The Unity Soul Series

SoulSeriesSpiritA Gym for Your Spiritual Fitness

The Unity Soul Series will be held once a month starting May and running through October. All seminars and workshops will be scheduled from mid to end of the month. Each event will be on a Wednesday at 7:00pm in Fellowship Hall, unless noted otherwise. Please check back to this page for schedules, updates and announcements. Or you can sign-up for weekly e-mail blast here.

A good-will offering will be taken to continue The Wallace Soul Series, but no donation is required.

What is the Unity Soul Series?

The Unity Soul Series is a service we are offering both to our congregation and the community at large. All are welcome at these events.  It will be a series of motivational speakers addressing various topics meant to be healing and inspirational in nature.

Often times we engage in some form of exercise to work on our physical fitness. We may seek mental health professionals with the goal of improving our mental and emotional well-being. While these elements are necessary to achieve overall health, we must ask ourselves – what are we doing for our spiritual fitness?

This can easily become the most neglected element of our existence. If we visualize spiritual health as the center around which our mental and physical health orbit, it becomes much easier for the other two elements to fall in to place. As you can see by our topics and speakers, these elements often overlap as well.

Going to Sunday Worship every week is a critical piece of spiritual health, but how physically fit would you be if you only exercised once a week? So you can think of The Unity Soul Series as “Spirit Gym” and each workshop as a “Spirit Workout” you can perform as part of overall regimen. It is meant to offer an additional way we can strengthen our spiritual muscles. First and fore-most we are a Christian church, a congregation of disciples dedicated to Jesus Christ and continually feeding His sheep. The Soul Series is simply one means of doing this, and helps us not only to be a Christian church, but a holistic spiritual wellness center.

If you have a suggestion for a future speaker or topic, please contact Meredith Barrett, Director of Communications, [email protected].

Wendesday, August 23rd, 2017
7:00pm – Fellowship Hall

Janet McKee
Visionary Leader, Teacher, Author, Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Award-winning Film Director, MBA
Founder of SanaView, a highly successful Holistic Health Company.  Janet and her staff hold various workshops around the greater Pittsburgh Area and beyond.  They also run a 52-acre, organic farm in the Laurel Highlands.  This farm has been designated a historical landmark.

Topic:  “Get Out of Your Own Way! Stop Self-Sabotage and Live Your Most Abundant Life.

How many of you remember the 1994 Robert Zemekis lm Forrest Gump? Almost everyone over the span the last twenty years or so has seen it as it’s one of the most endearing and original movies in American history. It won a whopping six major academy awards including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. By all means Forrest, the main character played by Tom Hanks, should have grown up to lead a restricted and challenged life. He inherited some major disadvantages from the moment of his birth. Born to a single mother in 1944, Forrest only had an IQ of 75, designating him below average in intelligence.

He also had physical disability that required him to wear braces on his legs for a large duration of his childhood. Forrest was bullied and ostracized , barely scraping through elementary school.

Amazingly, despite these setbacks, Forrest went on to become a high school football star, winning himself a scholarship to college. His life continues a tra- jectory through a long line of successes – he becomes a Vietnam War hero, an international ping pong champion and founder of a very successful shrimping business. Forrest developed his own cult following as he became famous for literally running across America. He also somehow manages to become involved in major historical events of the 60s and 70s, shaking hands with JFK and even- tually marrying his childhood sweetheart and the woman of his dreams, Jenny.

Granted Forrest Gump is a fictional story, but a latent and meaningful mes- sage exists in the context of his life. We sense on some level it’s most denitely possible for a man like Forrest to accomplish so much… but how??? Despite his impediments Forrest had a few major things going for him – a heart of gold, innate spirituality, a childlike innocence never spoiled by the world, and a very wise, loving mother who emphasized anything he wanted was within his grasp – and he believed her. His below average IQ turned out to be his big- gest asset because he didn’t have the intelligence to second guess himself. Forrest naturally kept things simple, he didn’t think very hard about things, he just did them. He also knew how to channel his pain and negative emotions into something positive – running.

So many of us in life are haunted by a negative voice in our head that says “you can’t, that’s not possible, play it safe…” Much of this can be fueled by traumatic and negative experiences as we move through life. Fear is also a huge proponent of self-defeat. How many times have we talked ourselves out of things like starting a business, taking an exotic trip or going after something we want? How often have we turned our pain inward on our- selves resulting in depression, anxiety or addictions that cripple us? We especially have more ways of subltly defeating ourselves such as staying up too late, procrastination – perhaps even working too much?

The greatest wish of God, our loving Creator, is for us to live lives that are happy, joyous and free. Often times the biggest thing standing in the way of this is ourselves. It’s really only the dark spiritual forces that want us to think we are insignicant, that we don’t matter and we have no impact. Satan wants the world to break us.

Come join us the fourth Wednesday in August as we discuss with Janet McKee the major and subtle ways we prohibit ourselves from living our most abundant lives. We will discuss how to end things like self-doubt, self-sabotage and self-defeating thinking so we can get out of our own way and live the life God wants for us!

Janet’s seminar last year, “Food For Life”, on holistic and medicinal eating was big success that inspired many attendees! This is also your chance to meet a pioneer in the health and wellness industry. To learn more about Janet, scroll down to our 2016 Unity Soul Series from last year.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
7:00pm – Fellowship Hall

Meredith Irwin –
doTerra Wellness Advocate

Topic: Healing Properties of Essential Oils and Essential Oils of the Bible

“And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.”-Revelations 2:22

Essential Oils are “volatile aromatic compounds”, which means a chemical compound “sufficiently volatile” enough to be transported by our olfactory system. These are naturally occurring aggregates, which are found in the seeds, bark, stems, rinds and roots of plants. Quality therapeutic grade oil (usually not bought over the counter), is extracted using steam distillation or by cold pressing. This not only maintains the integrity of the oil, but also frees it from toxins created by more conventional stripping via harsh chemicals.

Essential Oils are designed by nature (or by the Creator) to protect the plant against environmental threats. They have also been called the immune system of the plant, and are known to have healing and therapeutic properties – both physically and mentally. Science has proven that our sense of smell, of all the five senses, is the one most closely tied to our emotions. Hence why “aromatherapy” is used to treat negative feelings and invoke more positive mental states.

Additionally essential oils have been used for prayer, meditation and in religious ceremonies since the beginning of recorded history.  Did you know Essential Oils are mentioned over 500 times in the Bible??!!  Come to this educational workshop and see what the fuss has been about for the last few thousand years!

***Essential oils will be available for purchase at this event, but attendees are not obligated to purchase oils. This event is meant to be more of a learning opportunity.

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
7:00pm – Fellowship Hall

Ted Cibik –
Founder of Ted Cibik’s Inner Strength Health & Wellness Center

Topic: Qigong Exercise for Health

Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of meditative exercise designed specifically for healing the body. Medical Qigong is a step further in understanding the energy rivers of the body, and using qi or energy to help release blockage or balance energy that has been disrupted from accident, injury or even chronic illness or traumatic situations. Dr Ted Cibik is one of the leading Doctors of Medical Qigong in the country who’s office is north of Pittsburgh . He will be teaching an easy yet powerful series of qigong exercises to help you bring better health and vitality to your body and mind.

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
7:00pm – Fellowship Hall

043LuAnn Cibik –
One of the few worldwide Master Educators of Interior Alignment®. She is an Advanced Soul Coaching® Practitioner, Gateway Dreaming® Coach, and Master Oracle Card Reader.

Founder of the Inner Harmony Feng Shui School.

Topic: Better Sleep – Better Dreams

Sleep is a key component of health and healing. It’s also a powerful time to allow your mind to find answers to life questions. Join LuAnn Cibik, feng shui expert and dream coach for life changing tips on how to create a better place for sleeping,  and tips for sleeping deeper. When you get REM sleep, you dream. In dream time you can get signs, symbols and messages to help you with daily life. Learn how to interpret dreams, program dreams, and understand why you might have bad dreams and what to do about them.

2016 Archive of Speakers and Topics

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2016
6:30pm – The Wallace Chapel

Maggie Horgan – Writer, Speaker, Community Activist
Author of “Heartifacts: When a Child Dies, Love Remains

Topic: A message of hope for parents and siblings facing a loss that no person should have to bear: the loss of a child.

Author Maggie with Book HeartifactsShortly after her blindsiding divorce, Maggie’s son, Neil, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma his senior year at Mt. Lebanon High School. Nearly two years later, this rare form of pediatric bone cancer took his life. As a single parent of three other children, Maggie desperately needed to find a way to go on, to find a way to support her children through a traumatic divorce and the unimaginable loss of their deeply loved and admired brother – all the while still reeling with her own grief.

Oddly help soon showed up in the most unexpected place, in the form of a heart-shaped stone.  And then the hearts kept manifesting, until their message became impossible to ignore. 

Maggie’s experience has a universal appeal in that it presents strong evidence that we do go on after death, and the love of our lost ones is eternal, both in this world and the next. No matter what your beliefs, at the very least, Maggie’s story illustrates how one can make the journey back from paralyzing sorrow to “life and love”.  Although the journey is continuous, it is possible.

Maggie holds a degree in Health Planning and Administration from Penn State. She is a frequently requested speaker at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Maggie has also shared her message of hope and compassion with audiences at Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Institute of Noetic Sciences,  and with American military veterans. As noted on the back cover of her book: “She considers Heartifacts to be her fifth baby as it was created in collaboration with Heaven and is a manifestation of love.”  Maggie will have copies of her book available for purchase when she speaks at Wallace, or you can order a copy from Amazon here.

Niel, Age 4

Neil, Age 4


Photos and logos courtesy of SanaView.

Photos and logos courtesy of SanaView.

Sunday, June 26th
6:30pm – The Wallace Chapel


Janet McKee
Visionary Leader, Teacher, Author, Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Award-winning Film Director, MBA
Founder of SanaView, a highly successful Holistic Health Company.  Janet and her staff hold various workshops around the greater Pittsburgh Area and beyond.  They also run a 52-acre, organic farm in the Laurel Highlands.  This farm has been designated a historical landmark.


Topic:  “Food for Life” workshop, which focuses on “healthful eating for cancer and diabetes prevention and survival, weight management and children.”

Janet began to explore the medicinal properties of food and holistic healing after experiencing some on-going health issues. She was very inspired after the methods she employed proved to be successful. An altruistic person by nature, Janet became passionate about sharing her newfound way of life in hopes to help others heal.

In 2006 Janet founded SanaView, a multi-faceted Holistic Health organization that includes home offices in the North and South Hills of Pittsburgh. Additionally the company owns an organic farm in Champion, PA, near Seven Springs and Hidden Valley mountain resorts. SanaView holds numerous classes and workshops in the medicinal properties of food, produces high quality supplements, publishes books on various aspects of well-being, sells specialized kitchen equipment, and even produced an award winning documentary called “Bethany’s Story”. On her website Janet states, “We chose the name sanaviewlogoSanaView, as we recognize that effective transformation begins with having a new ‘view’ on your health, or Sana in Latin.”

SanaView and Janet are highly recommend among numerous respected cardiologists, oncologists and endocrinologists in Pittsburgh’s best hospitals. Janet has teamed-up with Stan Wetschler, M.D., who was a successful Pittsburgh doctor in Internal Medicine when he was diagnosed stage IV colon cancer with metastases to his liver and his lungs.  Traditional methods of treatment were failing for Dr. Wetchler. He and his wife Janey began to try holistic path of treatment, and fifteen years later Dr. Wetchler is cancer-free.

SanaView has helped people who suffer from cancer, diabetes, heart-disease, autoimmune disorders, or others who simply wanted to embrace a healthier lifestyle. They ofter customized diets and personalized nutrition counseling, in addition to corporate wellness plans.

Janet’s extensive credentials include: Being a Board Instructor for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, Certified Member of American Drugless Practitioners, Preferred Provider for UPMC’s Shadyside Hillman Cancer Center, and serving on the advisory board for the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s new Holistic Healing center.

SanaView Farms picturesque location is also home to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, an international non-profit organization. They have chosen SanaView as a location for a fruit tree nursery that supplies the local Pittsburgh food bank! The farm also hosts many workshops, in addition to being an ideal venue for weddings and special retreats.

Sunday, July 24th
6:30pm – The Wallace Chapel

043LuAnn Cibik –
One of the few worldwide Master Educators of Interior Alignment®. She is an Advanced Soul Coaching® Practitioner, Gateway Dreaming® Coach, and Master Oracle Card Reader.

Founder of the Inner Harmony Feng Shui School.

Topic: Creating a Sacred Space for your Life

Your home is the template for your life, and the place where you nurture your goals, dreams and ambitions in life. Feng Shui is the ancient art of arranging your space to support the life you want. Your home might be subtly blocking you from your goals, or not in alignment with your innermost beliefs. Discover 4 easy ways to create a Home for your Soul, that will empower you to connect more deeply to the Divine and your values in life. Find out easy methods for Clearing and blessing the energy of your home, in order to release the energy of past emotional challenges.  Learn powerful methods for releasing the objects in your home that no longer bring you joy, or hold you in a past pattern of disempowerment. Discover through the use of the ancient Chinese tool, the Bagua, what the different rooms in your home represent in order to create a more balanced life.


Photos and logo courtesy of Inner Harmony Feng Shui School.


Additionally, LuAnn’s company, Inner Harmony Feng Shui School, offers feng shui and space clearing certification courses, workshops and events, as well as private consultations and coaching.

LuAnne will also be back in the Fall sometime to conduct a workshop entitled, “Clear and Charge your Chakras” Stay tuned to learn more about LuAnne Cibik and her soul nourishing topics!

Ian Cummins, BSN

Ian Cummins, BSN


Ian Cummins
Nurse, (RN, BSN), UPMC Mercy’s Psychiatric Emergency Room
Ian is most known for his walk across the United States in wake of his brother’s suicide to raise money and awareness for mental illness.

Topic: Mental Health and Suicide Awareness:
A Guide for Family Members and Friends of Those Who Suffer from Mental Illness.

Ian’s interactive workshop is targeted to those who have a close relationship with someone who suffers from mental illness. We encourage you to share your experience, yet will respect your privacy if you’d rather just observe.  Since we are not mental health professionals, we can’t diagnose or treat mental illness. However, all are welcome! If you think you have a problem with mental illness, we will share available resources to help you.

We will explore an overview of mental illnesses -from neurosis to personality disorders to psychosis – and explain how these disorders impact not only the sufferer, but those around them. We will discuss coping methods and support available to the friends and family members. The warning signs of suicide will also be covered.MentalIllnessBlur

Lastly, Ian will share his remarkable journey, which turned out to be a touching illustration of how we are not alone. So many people across the United States joined him along the way, people whose lives were, in some way, impacted by suicide. Ian is an awe-inspiring example of how we can transform tragedy into something life-affirming.


Ian walked across the U.S. in the wake of his brother's suicide to raise money for mental illness and suicide prevention.

Ian walked across the U.S. in the wake of his brother’s suicide to raise money for mental illness and suicide prevention.

You may recognize Ian from the news. KDKA followed him on his astonishing six month walk across the United States to raise money for the Southern Western PA branch of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).  His goal was not only to “battle mental illness through awareness”, but also channel his intense grief into something positive.

Ian’s brother, Ryan James Cummins, was his youngest and only sibling. They were fairly close in age, with only about three or four years between them. This in turn often made them gleeful partners in crime during the adventures of their youth – silly mishaps typical of most lively young boys. Aside from being a little mischievous, both Ryan and Ian seemed to have an innate kindness, and sense of altruism.  They were naturally talented in academics, appearing to have very bright futures on their horizons.

Ian went on to become a psychiatric nurse at UPMC, but in his teens Ryan began to mysteriously fall apart. He was plagued by an inability to concentrate, depression and anxiety. Of course Ryan did experience occasional moments of happiness in his life, but they were elusive and fleeting. However these symptoms inexplicably appeared to be more superficial manifestations of a deeper underlying problem that mystified doctors. He was given one different diagnoses after another, each coming with a brand new psych med and course of treatment.

Ryan eventually grew fed up of the prescription medications, which he felt only helped him temporarily, before just making him feel even worse. During his freshman year of college Ryan weened himself off of the drugs, and appeared functional yet dead pan. An eerie apathy seemed to cloud his persona, and though his family tried hard, it seemed there was little they could do to impact the way he felt.  It was a very perplexing and helpless feeling for them, yet Ryan’s discomfort had become the norm for all of them for years.

Leaving no clues that were obvious at the time, Ryan took his life on November 9, 2013. In his honor, Ian decided to embark on a cross-country trek to raise money for the local branch of NAMI and increase awareness that mental illness is a disease just like any physical aliment that can plague the body. However, since it’s origins can be much more elusive, and the control of the disease appears to be more in the hands of the sufferer, it is often misunderstood. It can be harder to develop understanding and empathy for something that seems to be “all in your head”.

Overall, the mission of Ian’s walk, which he states on his blog, is to let people know that “If you have lost a loved one to suicide or are suffering on a regular basis with suicidal thoughts, you are NOT alone! Do not be afraid to share your story with others! Your personal experiences and/or association with mental illness will be the key for the future of awareness and understanding.”

Ian began his six-month journey in Virginia Beach on March 1, 2014. He walked across 10 states, spreading Ryan’s ashes along the way, and culminated his mission on the beach in San Francisco on August 30, 2014. There, walking into the Pacific ocean in his tennis shoes, he sprinkled more of Ryan’s ashes with their father by his side.

You can view Ian’s beautiful tribute to his brother, see those that joined him and relive the walk through his video blog at:

In loving memory of Ryan James Cummins,

October 22, 1993 – November 9, 2013.RyanCummins