Lakota Sioux Mission

Lakota Sioux Children's Art Camp Overview

The Lakota Sioux Mission Team makes an annual trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to hold a creative arts summer camp for the Lakota Sioux children. All crafts are based on the Lakota Sioux values and are designed to engage and elevate the spirit.


The goal of this mission is to provide a summer camp that helps the Lakota Sioux in strengthening and sustaining their proud heritage and culture. Our mission team is not there to convert them, but to provide hope for their future. The program is fun and educational for the children and their families, reinforcing their values and introducing them to the benefits of reading, art, music, etc.

How to Get Involved

  • Be a teacher or work with teachers and artists as an aid.
  • Assist with food preparation
  • Share you ideas for activities, even if you don’t go on the trip
  • PRAY for the Lakota Sioux and the Wallace team
  • Offer financial support

Contact Information

Eunice Nasri
[email protected]