Scripture and the Arts Team

The Scripture and Arts team at Unity Presbyterian Church is dedicated to continually nurturing our souls and spirituality through art. They invite you to consider how God may speak to us in a different way, by viewing art through the lens of Jim Kalnin’s quote, “Art As Sacredos“.

Art As Sacredos

Sacredos is the Latin word for priest, literally translated “giver of the sacred.”  Artists function in this capacity in various ways.  They look at the mundane and the commonplace, and see it as beautiful and meaningful.  They remind us of the rhythms and dance of life.  They see the empty places as being full of light and spirit, and remind us that life is everywhere, and that we are never alone.
Jim Kalnin,
The Spirituality of Art

The Script and the Arts Team conducts art-related events such as tours of the Carnegie Museums, art exhibitions and contests for local artists. These events are open to both the congregation and community at large. The team also conducts bible-based, art exploration sessions at the church to help foster a connection with the Divine so that it may manifest in our own work. For more information contact Dee Paras at